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SamVan Lifetime Plan

What is breathtaking about SamVan Lifetime plan?

Long term savings is great way to make fortune. SamVan Lifetime, as long-term savings give you double benefit by adding value of live value + extra .5%, 1% return. Suppose if you save Rs. 300 000 for 21 years. You will get Rs. 300 000 + (Live Value+ 21 % of Rs. 300 000) as return ie.. if 'Live value' is 34 % (when you withdraw) then actual value = Rs. 300 000 + (34% + 21 % of Rs. 300 000)

What is in SamVan Lifetime for you?

Proper and valuable financial benefits are quite considerable issues. Long-term saving with secure and higher benefits. Flexible investment option. SamVan Lifetime reduces the risk and loss of your investment by zero% absolutely. While we have guaranteed 16% return, on the other hand the ‘live value’ shares the opportunity of being valuable partner with you by sharing the maximum return rate based on the organization's commerce.

What’s the simple way to get better return?

Financial planning; Long-term investment must be planned and systematic with higher goal. Fortune is long-term strategic thinking and well researched pursuit for individual & family. Define your purpose for saving using expert advisory.